Obtaining Math Homework Help For Free: Where To Search For It

It is often hard for a student to obtain math homework help, especially for free. Knowing where to search for it, is often what makes it so hard. But it can actually be very simple to find, if the student looks in the right places. This is what will be covered here, where to search for the help.

  1. School
  2. Libraries
  3. Online
  4. Volunteer Organizations


This should be one of the first places to look. Many times if a student is having trouble with their math, their instructors, school principal, or guidance counselors, can either help, or they might know somewhere to get help. Let them know, and see what they might be able to do, to help. Also, many schools have student services departments, that can offer help. They can often get a student free help through funding and/or donations they get to pay for help for poorer students. Sometimes teachers in training use tutoring as a way to get experience for their profession. Many of these are free as well.


Libraries often house a number of resources, including homework sessions. In these, they often will have educators, business people, and knowledgeable people that can help students with different assistances. These are free, as they are usually donated time to the library.


Using a search engine can turn up a number of sites that can help a student get paid or free math homework help. It is even possible to find specialized search engines, designed by some companies that search only for statistics homework help. Many of these sites, as two were checked out for this article, refer to sites run by Colleges and Universities.

Volunteer Organizations

Look for local volunteer organizations, as they might have connections to people that can help. Sometimes this even includes tutoring, and can be by retired educators, wanting something to do with their spare time. Other times, they may have a donation fund for less affluent students where they can pay for tutors to help the student. And there might also be some churches that offer the free tutoring to help middle school through

College/University students.

There are also websites supported by donations from groups to help students with free tutoring, and operations. Just as some Community Libraries run online tutoring for students, which is paid for by donations, and the Library itself.

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