Benefits and Limitations of Homework

Homework is a word that sends chills down both students and parent’s backs. However, not all have fear and struggle for homework. Up to date, there has never been a conclusive answer as to whether homework is wholly beneficial or a waste of time. It is a hot topic that has been in most teachers’ and parents’ mouths. Some people can attest to homework effectiveness while others the time spends doing homework could be spent better elsewhere. Come to think of it, is homework necessary or essential? Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of homework.


  • It reduces the time spent on the screen – when a student is out of school, they get many free hours that they spend on the screen either on TV, Phones or Computers. Since homework is unwanted, it improves the child’s studying habits and keeps them engaged and away from the screen.
  • Students can exhaust the learning process – With the lessons in school limited to a few hours per day, the child can complete learning while doing homework. Homework will address the deficiencies that the child might not have understood in class.
  • It provides for a friendlier place to learn – Despite the comfort of the classroom, improving every day, it does not match the comfort found at home. The child can do homework at their comfort and convenience.
  • It fosters creating a communication network – Homework acts as an excellent bridge between the school, teacher, and parents. Most of the time, the teachers don’t see student life at home, and the parents don’t see the child’s school life. Homework bridges the gap and helps all stakeholders understand the student better.
  • Students learn management skills through homework – Homework drives the student to learn management skills by scheduling time to do the homework appropriately. The student learns independent thinking and problem-solving skills, and they learn.
  • The parent gets an opportunity to get more involved in the child’s life – While at home, the parent is the person to can find a reliable assignment help in London to assist the child in difficult areas of the homework. It allows the parent to learn the child’s strengths and weaknesses.


  • It encourages cheating – the internet offers several resources today that provide all students’ answers, and they will not be doing the homework themselves. There is also an opportunity to copy from one another.
  • It may not be possible to have accurate practice – The student might rely too much on their guardians and parent; thus, it will be challenging to evaluate their competence.
  • More study time does not necessarily lead to good grades – Research shows no conclusive evidence supporting homework as a critical contributor to better grades. 
  • It is not easy to enforce homework – The attitude of the students is a crucial determinant to them actively engaging in homework. It is quite difficult for teachers and parents to find that motivating factor to make them do more.
  • A home may not be an excellent environment to study – home is not a conducive place to study since it has many distractions that might divert the student’s attention.
  • Children need time to play – After a long day of studying, the child needs some time to engage in other activities to help develop their lives. Low playtime has been associated with poor performance in general health and awareness roles. 

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